The Midwife

Bachelor project 2023

For centuries, midwives have borne the responsibility for new life and passed on their experience and skills. Despite this honorable task, they belong to a small professional group that is far too often underestimated, overworked and underpaid.
The range of midwives' activities can extend far beyond obstetrics. Yet most people are unaware of the various sub-areas and aspects of the profession – until they come into contact with the subject through pregnancy. But even without direct contact, knowledge about midwifery should be more widespread. They are present during one of the most sensitive and emotional times of life. The professional, intimate and close support of a midwife ensures education and assistance during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
The project "The Midwife" is a portrait of the profession. The work is intended to provide insights into the work and its different areas and is told mainly in pictures. In addition, midwives describe their work, the time before, during and after childbirth from different perspectives as well as the cohesion and exchange among midwives.
The portrait presents the reality of this profession and is intended to serve as a platform for midwives, underline the importance of their work, and perhaps even encourage the career aspirations of future midwives.
The project can also be found on the page Editorial – The Midwife.