Boxhorn 37

Design magazine of the FH Aachen 2021

BOXHORN – the magazine from the design faculty of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The first issue of the magazine was published in 1998 as part of a diploma thesis; the BOXHORN is thus one of the oldest university design magazines in Germany. The now well-established and respected semester project allows the editorial team to work completely independently. Each summer semester, a new team of 4-5 communication design students is responsible for planning, organization, editing, design, marketing, financing and distribution of the magazine. There are no limits to the choice of topics!
The 37th issue of Boxhorn Magazine is dedicated to the topic "Boundaries of Society". In the course of this, the issue deals with climate conflict and migration, with social selection, with sexual and gender diversity, furthermore with content moderation and with the limits of the human psyche.

For the first time the design magazine has been produced entirely in-house. All pages of the magazine were printed using the faculty's Risograph, many of which went through the printer not once but 4 times. Each page was hand counted, inserted, sorted, punched and bound. The Boxhorn 37 has an edition of 250 copies with 5 different covers. This magazine meant a level of work that we could not have imagined when we began production. First, the research work on the contents of the magazine took months. Then we started organizing all the materials we needed for the production. Due to the pandemic, this stage lasted longer than we had expected. Stocks of paper were too low, companies went bankrupt and delivery times were delayed. When everything was finally in place for production in October 2021, we started the printing process for the 250 magazines. The piles of paper grew, gloves became the dress code, multiple test prints were essential, and conversations about next steps were a constant topic. With the cutting of the first pages, things got really exciting and the magazine took shape. By the end of January 2022, it was finished. Long days, weeks and months of production were over. 250 magazines of the 37th Boxhorn issue were officially produced! The magazine can be purchased in the online store of the Boxhorn website.

From March 04 to 06, 2022, the magazine was sold on site as part of a small exhibition in Annastrasse in Aachen. To present the entire process, information posters on the risography printing process, the Boxhorn magazine and the production process were created and hung up. In addition, visitors were able to gain an insight into the creation of the magazine through photographs.